World The Basics

arrow_right A Computer
A Computer is a device for storing information and performing certain functions on that information. This can be done interactively by the user or under the control of a set of instructions known as a program.
arrow_right A Network
A Local Area Network, or LAN, is a group of computers connected together by wire(s) to enable users to share both information and devices (e.g. printers). Information on the network is rather like radio, in as much as it gets broadcast to all of the computers, but it is only received by the computer it is intended for. Large amounts of information can be "on the wire" at any one time. A Wide Area Network, or WAN, is similar but covers longer distances and may involve intermediate communication steps such as telephones or satellites, and makes use of routers to handle network traffic across network segments.

John Henderson (24-Mar-2001)