Resume for John Henderson

I am currently involved with development of software for the challenging area of technical document language translation. Employing techniques such as Translation Memory, Terminology Extraction & Insertion, and building on technologies such as SGML, Unicode, and Linguistic Analysis Engines, our aim is to improve the efficiency of translation services for all of the worlds written languages.

Previous experience includes 15 years in the arena of Design Automation (for electronic design through manufacture), 7 of which were spent with Mentor Graphics. From my background in the telecommunication industry, writing software to automate the generation of functional and diagnostic product tests, I subsequently gained broad experience in software development working at CAE Systems, Tektronix, and Mentor Graphics.

As a Software Engineering Project Manager, I was responsible for development projects resulting in software products that were part of the international corporate sales catalogue.

Projects involved the use of C and C++ in a Unix environment to create X-windows applications which meet the needs of the electronic design industries. Primary development platforms were SUN & HP workstations, and the secondary platforms were DEC, IBM, and PC (under 32 bit Windows).

I have been instrumental in developing two new products :-

  • Hybrid Station: for the design & manufacture of thick-film hybrid circuits (released 1991).
  • Reliability Manager: analysis & prediction of reliability in electronic systems (released 1994).

I have added new capabilities to existing products :-

  • Automatic C-code Generation in System Architect: allowing designs captured at an abstract level (ie. state machines) to be used in simulation, and also used in a rapid prototyping system (released 1995).

I have also (from time to time) assisted with various aspects of the system administration for our network of workstations. Communications based on e-mail, News, and other network-wide client-server systems are critical for successful operation of our geographically distributed development environment.

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